Server Rules

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OOC server rules

  • No stealing from any other PC more than once per day.
  • No PvP in any "City", "Vyvian Village", "Sunrise Isle", "Fernvale - Elven Village" or "Merivale - Elven Outpost" area without prior OOC consent from all parties involved.
  • Be considerate of the wishes and desires of other players,even (especially!) your IC enemies. We're all here for fun, even though the story we're telling has our characters in opposition.
  • This is an RP server. Actions should be taken In Character, and things should not be done for Out of Character reasons (for example, to exploit a bugged game mechanic, or based on information your *player* has but your *character* doesn't).
  • This server is not rated (i.e. no PG-13 rules). However, if you wish to engage in non-PG-13 activity, your responsibility as a player is to check OOCly that all other involved parties are age 18 or higher, and to keep such activities reasonably private so that other players don't have to see.

The guiding principle for enforcement is that this is a shared sandbox. Cause all the IC disruption you want, but OOC, we're all here to have fun together.