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All characters can pay gold coins to trainers in exchange for learning a new feat The trainer will give you the selection of feats that you currently qualify for and are able to select. When you have decided on which feat to purchase your System Level (SL) will increase. The higher a character's ECL adjustment the more expensive the first feat will cost them, while lower ECL characters will get to spend less.
From then on every feat will cost 500 coins more than the last feat you purchased and there is no limit to the amount of feats you can buy. Once you become SL 31 you will be allowed to begin purchasing epic feats.

Feats that stack and can be taken multiple times such as Great Strength can generally only be a maximum of four times one notable exception is Epic Toughness which can only be taken twice.

Every trainer is only able to train a few classes himself, some trainers for the more exotic prestige classes might be hard to find. (And you can only learn general feats, or feats for which you have the relevant class! See class pages for class-specific feats)

Some of the requirements for feats have been changed to allow for a more flexible character build system. All feats and their requirements are listed below.

Spellcasting Feats[edit]

Feat Requirements Comment
Arcane Defense Available to all classes
Brew Potion 3 spellcaster levels
Combat Casting 1st Circle Spells
Courteous Magocracy Can be taken after level 1
Craft Wand 5 spellcaster levels Wands retain the same caster level of their creator
Craft Wondrous Item Brew Potion, Scribe Scroll, Craft Wand Enables alchemists to enchant rings with 1/day spells
Empower Spell 2nd Circle Spells
Extend Spell 1st Circle Spells
Greater Spell Focus Spell Focus
Greater Spell Penetration Spell Penetration
Maximize Spell 3rd Circle Spells
Quicken Spell 3rd Circle Spells
Scribe Scroll Spellcaster Level 1
Silent Spell 1st Circle Spells
Spell Focus 1 Spellcraft
Spell Penetration 1st Circle Spells
Still Spell 1st Circle Spells

Combat Feats[edit]

Feat Requirements Comment
Ambidexterity 15 Dexterity
Armor Proficiency (Heavy) Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium) Armor Proficiency (Light)
Blind Fight
Called Shot Base Attack Bonus +1
Circle Kick Base Attack Bonus +3, 15 Dexterity, Improved Unarmed Strike
Cleave 13 Strength, Power Attack
Deflect Arrows 13 Dexterity, Improved Unarmed Strike
Dirty Fighting Base Attack Bonus +2
Disarm 13 Intelligence
Divine Might Turn Undead, 13 Charisma, 13 Strength, Power Attack Infinite uses, Consumes Stamina
Divine Shield Turn Undead, 13 Charisma, 13 Strength, Power Attack Infinite uses, Consumes Stamina
Dodge 13 Dexterity
Expertise 13 Intelligence
Extra Stunning Attacks Base Attack Bonus +2, Stunning Fist
Great Cleave 13 Strength, Power Attack, Cleave, Base Attack Bonus +4
Improved Critical Base Attack Bonus 5, Creature weapon added as a possible selection.
Improved Disarm 13 Intelligence, Disarm
Improved Expertise 13 Intelligence, Expertise
Improved Knockdown Base Attack Bonus 5, 13 Intelligence, Knockdown
Improved Parry 13 Intelligence
Improved Power Attack 13 Strength, Power Attack
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Base Attack Bonus 5, Two Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity
Improved Unarmed Strike
Mobility 13 Dexterity, Dodge
Point Blank Shot
Power Attack 13 Strength
Rapid Reload Base Attack Bonus +2
Rapid Shot 13 Dexterity, Point Blank Shot
Shield Proficiency
Spring Attack 13 Dexterity, Dodge, Mobility, Base Attack Bonus +4
Stunning Fist Base Attack Bonus 5, 13 Dexterity, 13 Wisdom, Improved Unarmed Strike
Two-Weapon Fighting
Uncanny Dodge I-VI Available to all classes, Taken Sequentially
Uncanny Reflex Uncanny Dodge VI Disabled & removed from characters on 29/04/2020 for balance reasons
Weapon Finesse Base Attack Bonus +1 Medium creatures can benefit from Finesse when using Quarterstaff and Windblade.
Weapon Focus Base Attack Bonus +1, Creature Weapon added as a possible selection.
Weapon Proficiency (Exotic) Base Attack Bonus +1
Weapon Proficiency (Martial)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Whirlwind Attack 13 Dexterity, 13 Intelligence, Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Base Attack Bonus +4
Zen Archery Base Attack Bonus +3, 13 Wisdom

General Feats[edit]

Feat Requirements Comment
Artist Can be taken after level 1, Bard
Bullheaded Can be taken after level 1
Evasion Available to all classes
Extra Smiting Smite Evil or Smite Good
Extra Turning Turn Undead
Fearless Available to all races, No requirements
Gain Skill Points Gain 2 + Intelligence modifier (+1 if human) skill points
Great Fortitude
Iron Will
Improved Evasion Available to all classes, 18 Dexterity, Evasion
Improved Initiative
Lightning Reflexes
Luck Of Heroes Can be taken after level 1
Resist Disease
Resist Energy (Type)
Resist Poison
Silver Palm Can be taken after level 1
Skill Focus Ability to Use Skill

Epic Feats[edit]

All require SL 31.

Feat Requirements Comment
Automatic Quicken Spell I-II Quicken Spell, Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Automatic Silent Spell I-II Silent Spell, Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft
Epic Dodge 23 Dexterity, Improved Evasion, Dodge
Epic Energy Resistance (Type) I-II Taken Sequentially
Epic Fortitude
Epic Prowess
Epic Reflexes
Epic Reputation
Epic Skill Focus Skill Focus
Epic Spell Focus 3rd Circle Spells, Greater Spell Focus
Epic Spell Penetration Greater Spell Penetration
Epic Toughness I-II
Epic Weapon Focus Weapon Focus
Epic Will
Great Charisma I-IV
Great Constitution I-IV
Great Dexterity I-IV
Great Intelligence I-IV
Great Strength I-IV
Great Smiting 20 Charisma, Smite Good or Evil
Great Wisdom I-IV
Improved Combat Casting Combat Casting
Improved Stunning Fist 17 Dexterity, 17 Wisdom, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist
Improved Sneak Attack I-IV Sneak Attack:requires 3 sneak attack dice from a single class
Improved Whirlwind Attack 17 Dexterity, Whirlwind Attack
Mummy Dust Epic Spell Focus Necromancy, Epic Skill Focus Spellcraft, Spellcraft 13 Begins at Tier 1 of undead summoning, plus one tier per 10 caster levels - so 30 CL needed to get the highest level summons. PM levels count double and the feat Mummy Dust gives you a +5 CL bonus.
Overwhelming Critical 18 Strength, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical
Perfect Health 20 Constitution, Great Fortitude
Self Concealment 10% 22 Dexterity, Epic Skill Focus (Hide)
Superior Initiative Improved Initiative
Blinding Speed 25 Dexterity

Currently Unavailable Feats[edit]

Armor Skin
Construct Shape
Devastating Critical
Dragon Shape
Epic Damage Reduction
Outsider Shape
Planar Turning
Self Concealment II-IV
Undead Shape

On Creation only[edit]

Strong Soul
Snake Blood
Mounted Archery
Mounted Combat