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You can take two major and one minor gift on character creation.

Major Gifts are listed in bold text.

Gift Effect ECL
Gift of Might STR +2 +1
Gift of Grace DEX +2 +1
Gift of Endurance CON +2 +1
Gift of Learning INT +2 +1
Gift of Insight WIS +2 +1
Gift of Confidence CHA +2 +1
Gift of Wealth +1,000 gold on start, and each in-game month the character is active +0.5
Gift of Craftmanship +1 to all craft skill levels for the purpose of calculating success chances +1
Gift of Tongues Able to learn languages faster +1
Gift of Hardiness 5% damage immunity to fire, cold, electric, acid +0.5
Gift of Darkness Darkness 1/day +0.5
Gift of Hiding Invisibility 1/day +0.5
Gift of Light Light 1/day 0
Gift of the Gab Bluff +6 0
Gift of Lightfingers Pickpocket +6 0
Gift of the Hunter Spot +6 0
Gift of the Sneak Hide +4, Move silently +4 0
Gift of Fortune All saves +2 +1
Gift of Stardom Perform +6 0
Gift of Humility All abilities -2 -2
Gift of the (Un)Holy Allows non-cleric to hold ceremonies and to consecrate/desecrate altars +0.5
Gift of Unique Favor Allows character to ignore deity race restrictions +0.5
Gift of Greenfingers Allows non-nature character to tend plants +0.5