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General Changes[edit]

- Summoning: All summons changed to fit the theme of the server.

- Almost all lvl 1-4 spells that do damage, get that damage doubled. (This change affects every caster).

Wizard / Sorcerer specific[edit]

Only Wizards and Sorcerers get granted additional Spells on taking greater spell foci.

   GSF Abjuration grants Endure Elements.
   GSF Conjuration grants Melf's Acid Arrow.
   GSF Divination grants See Invisibility.
   GSF Enchantment grants Blindness/Deafness.
   GSF Evocation grants Magic Missile.
   GSF Illusion grants Color Spray.
   GSF Necromancy grants Ray of Enfeeblement.
   GSF Transmutation grants Burning Hands.

Spell Changes by Group[edit]

- Zoo Spells: Changed to add a flat +4. GSF and ESF Transmutation will still add a +1 each.

- Planar summoning (Planar Binding, Planar Ally and Greater Planar Binding): All bumped up one tier.

- Evocation spells: ESF Evocation gives a +2 caster lvl bonus to Evocation spells. This is applies after the usual CL cap.

Specific Spell Changes[edit]

- Displacement: Now lasts turns per caster level.

- Electric Jolt: Does 1d3 damage per caster lvl if the caster has ESF Evocation. Capped at CL 15 (17 with ESF Evo).

- Mind Fog: 1-round stun for GSF Enchantment. 1d6-round stun for ESF Enchantment.

- Phantasmal Killer: Phantasmal Killer inflicts fear on a target for 1 round / CL on a failed will save (on top of the default damage). A target that fails their fortitude save still dies.

- True Seeing: True Sight effect will only last 1 round (Increased to 2 rounds with Spell Focus Divination, 3 rounds with Greater Spell Focus, 5 Rounds with Epic Spell Focus), also grants +15 spot 1 round / CL.